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Stories are magic: they combine the power words, imagery and emotions to influence your audience in a unique fashion. Remember the last time you got engrossed in a good book or film? It creates an emotional connection – so much more powerful than logic alone. That’s the power of stories. That’s how successful brands create interest, excitement and loyalty. It can work for your business, too! I help you to develop, design and deliver you unique business story in simple, yet powerful ways. Results? Engaged and inspired customers and employees who are raving fans.

Video design

If you want to get your message heard, video is a must. To explain who you are, what you do, and why your customers love you. And it doesn’t need to break the bank. I create cost effective videos for your business that engage, captivate, and ultimately get your message remembered. I help you choose the style that best suits your business brand, e.g. 2D animation, whiteboard, infographic, character animation, live video, and create videos that bring across your unique business personality. Results? Greater brand awareness, customer engagement, and more website traffic.

Presentation design

Hate death by Powerpoint? Worried you might be committing that crime yourself? Need slides that really speak to your audience? Something that informs, engages, captivates – and helps them make their decision? If you’re pitching for funding, need content for online or are giving client presentation – I love helping you turn your presentation that people enjoy listening and watching and talking about. Plus, the way I go about creating your material means you can use it again and again: online on your website, in person, for conferences, in social media.

“Miriam has a natural ability to communicate concepts clearly, creatively, and consistently. It's a perfect fit for our clients and adds an extra dimension.”

Howard Elwyn-Jones

Director, Pretty Bright


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About Miriam

Story fanatic

Miriam Gilbert (578x640) 

Miriam Gilbert is the founder of Storytelling with Numbers, where she helps entrepreneurs with a big message to break through the noise and get their business story heard. As a business professional with a finance background, she has heard all the jokes about business jargon and poor communication. And she loves proving them wrong, showing that no-matter what the subject, if there is passion, there’s a story to tell.

No-matter what the subject, if there is passion in your business, there’s a story to tell

Her no-nonsense approach has earned her a reputation as a results-getter for prestigious clients such as the Institute of Physics, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, the Warwick Manufacturing Group and Enterprise Campus. Today, Miriam’s purpose and passion lies in helping emerging entrepreneurs and passionate business owners tell their unique business stories through her bespoke storytelling and business video services.


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